Wednesday, February 8, 2012

North Cyprus Desserts - Lokma

Street sellers making Lokma in Kyrenia, North Cyprus. Lokma means "mouthful" in Turkish and is a type of fried dough pastry. The dough is deep fried, then soaked in sugar syrup and sprinkled with honey, cinnamon or sesame seeds.

Firstly the dough is made in a big pot or dish - as above.

The dough is carefully spooned into a vat of oil for deep frying. Only a very small amount of dough is used to make each one - about half a tablespoon full.

The balls fry in the oil until they are a golden brown colour, which takes a few minutes.
The Lokma comes straight from the fryer, and after draining off the excess oil, are soaked in the sugar syrup as above.

They are then put on a large metal tray, ready to be served. It is quite common for the sellers to offer a free one for people to try, don't be afraid to ask!

The finished product! I got a large tray of these lovely hot Lokma for 6TL, which is around £2.00 in UK money.

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