Cyprus Holiday Tips

Top Tips For Visiting North Cyprus:

  • Make sure you visit one of the markets, as they have many types of fruit and vegetables as well as clothing and traditional handicrafts. 
  • Always haggle on the price, particularly in the more touristy shops.

  • Clothing and shoe sizes are not the same as in the UK. It is worth finding out your European size before you travel as it will be much easier to buy clothing while on holiday. 

  • Never be afraid to get involved with local life, e.g. going into a village coffee shop as the locals are very accommodating and friendly people. 
  • Nightclubs are not as we know them in the western sense.  Ask to go to a disco instead. 

  • A boat trip from Kyrenia Harbour is a fantastic experience, just bear in mind that you are more likely to get sunburnt due to the reflections from the sea.  

  • Try one of the excursions with our expert tour guides to learn more about the island and its history. This can also be cheaper than hiring a car and driving to the sights yourself, as tours include entrance to the museums and historical places, as well as an English speaking guide and the comfort of an air-conditioned minibus. You can book tours through your representative at the hotel.
  • There is no need for 2 pin plug adaptors as most plugs in Northern Cyprus are the 3 pin type. If you are bringing expensive electrical items, be aware that the voltage fluctuates wildly and this could possibly damage your equipment if it does not have a transformer.

  • Don't be afraid to ask a local for help if you need it. The local people are generally very helpful and friendly. 

Top Tips About Food and Drink in North Cyprus:

  • Experience the traditional Turkish cuisine, including the “Full Kebab” which is a variety of different meats as well as a large selection of meze (appetisers). 

  • Never be afraid to try the local version of English food in supermarkets. For example you might like McVities biscuits, but the turkish biscuits are much cheaper and just as nice.

  • Turkish Ice Cream or “Maraş Dondurma” is well worth a try. Mainly sold by street sellers, this ice cream is delicious and has the added advantage that it does not melt!

  • Try not to limit yourself to just your hotel for dinner as there are so many restaurants in North Cyprus serving delicious food. 
  • Some of the larger supermarkets sell foods suitable for diabetics.
  • It is advisable not to drink the tap water in North Cyprus, and bottled water is very cheap in the shops at around 18p for a small bottle. 
  • Keep an eye on the English papers in North Cyprus, such as the Cyprus Today or Cyprus Star, as restaurants will often advertise their special deals.
  • It is the custom to tip around 5 - 10% of the total bill in restaurants. 
  • Restaurants in Kyrenia Harbour tend to be more pricey than most, but should go there at least once to experience the fresh dishes served in such a lovely atmosphere.
  • If you do not fancy Turkish food, there are many other cuisines to choose from including; English, French, Italian, Thai, Indian and Chinese.

Top Tips About Health in North Cyprus:
  • Drink plenty of water in the summer months, and make sure you always carry a bottle of water with you, as it is very easy to become dehydrated. It is not advisable to drink the tap water in North Cyprus.
  • If you forget your medication, most prescription drugs can be bought over the counter in chemists.

  • If you are visiting during the summer months, try to stay out of the sun between 11am and 4pm as this is when the sun is strongest.

  • It is advisable to take out travel insurance before you travel as health care bills can become expensive.

  • Toiletries can be expensive in North Cyprus, so it is best to bring these from the UK.

  • Generally the mosquito repellents you get in the UK are not particularly effective, hence it is best to cover up when going outside in mosquito season. Another useful tip is to take Vitamin B tablets, and eat plenty of garlic, which will thin your blood and make you less attractive to the mosquitoes.

  • If you need to visit a doctor, there are plenty of private clinics around, where a consultation costs around 80TL - 100TL (around £27 - £40). Make sure you get a receipt (fatura) for all medical care to show to your insurance company.

  • If you need to visit a hospital, then you should go to the nearest state hospital. Expect to pay significantly less than private hospitals. Always keep 10TL handy, as you will need to pay this at reception as an entrance fee.
  • In an emergency, you need to call 112 for an ambulance, which will take you to the nearest state hospital.

Top Tips About Hiring A Car in North Cyprus:

  • Why not rent a car so that you can explore the wonders of Northern Cyprus? Car hire is generally cheap, and comes with full insurance at an extra £3 a day.  

  • Most car hire companies will not rent you a car if you are under 25 years of age. 

  • You must bring your full UK driving licence with you to hire a car. Photocopies cannot be accepted. 

  • Once you have hired a car, you must always have your driving licence and insurance paperwork with you if you are driving. 

  • If you are going to drive to one of the more remote areas such as the Karpaz Peninsula, be sure to fill up on petrol before you go, as petrol stations can be sparse. Also take bottled water with you. 

  • At petrol stations, the attendant will fill up your car for you. It is worth noting whether your hire car is diesel or petrol, however most attendants will know what type of fuel the car takes.

  • If you hire a moped or scooter, it is now mandatory to wear a crash helmet in North Cyprus.

Top Tips About Clothing in North Cyprus:

  • Make sure you purchase good sunglasses with UV protection as the sun in North Cyprus can be very strong. 
  • Ladies – It is not advisable go topless on the beach or in family resorts. North Cyprus is a Muslim country, and it is seen as disrespectful. 
  • Gentlemen – Please wear a shirt when you are walking around the town or visiting restaurants and bars. 
  • If you are planning on visiting a mosque, you need to cover up. No bare legs or shoulders, and if possible ladies should wear a head scarf to cover their hair. Shoes must also be taken off before entering a mosque.
  • Light and airy clothing is best for the summer months from June to October, as temperatures can reach 40C in some areas. During the winter months of January to March it can get fairly cold with temperatures dropping to around 10C, so a jacket is advisable.
  • Children's clothes can be quite hard to get hold of, and are more expensive than in the UK, so it is best to buy their clothing before you come away.
  • Generally, only clothes up to a size 16 - 18 are available in North Cyprus. There are a few shops which sell larger clothes, but these are few and far between.
Top Tips About Money in North Cyprus:
  • Although most shops and restaurants will accept both Euros or Sterling, it is best to keep some Lira on your person as they tend not to give as good an exchange rate as the exchange offices.
  • If you are going to make or receive any international phone calls it is much cheaper to buy a local sim card from a supermarket than it is to pay the roaming charges from your network operator in the UK. A sim card costs less than £10, and it comes with 100 units already loaded. 
  • Buy cigarettes on the way into the country at the airport as they are much cheaper than in the shops. Your limit to bring into North Cyprus is 400 cigarettes, however the limit for taking them back into the UK is only 200 cigarettes.
  • Always ask in restaurants or cafes whether they have a free Wi-Fi service that you can use. You can save a lot of money by checking your emails or going online in a free Wi-Fi hotspot. Alternatively, you can visit one of the many internet cafes where you can browse the internet for less than £1 per hour.

Top Tips Before You Travel to North Cyprus:

  • Check before you go if the hotel provides towels, as you may not need to bring them and use up your valuable baggage allowance.
  • Get a “Premier Card” from and receive discounts in a variety of shops, bars and restaurants.
  • Take suntan lotion and after sun with you from the UK, as these are extremely expensive in Northern Cyprus. 
  • Take a light suitcase with you, as 20kg may sound like a lot, but in reality it is not that much and you don’t want to waste your baggage allowance on a heavy suitcase!

  • Take photocopies of your important documents before you travel, such as your passports, driving licence and travel insurance in case they are lost whilst on holiday. It is also a good idea to make a note of the contact details for the British Embassy. 
  • A good guide book is essential. Search for a good book before you come to Northern Cyprus on Amazon or Ebay. We recommend the Landmark Visitors Guide to Northern Cyprus by Kristina Gursoy and Lavinia Neville Smith, ISBN 1-84306-158-9.
  • Bring your ATM card with you instead of bringing lots of cash – but remember to check with your bank before your travel whether there will be any charges for using your card abroad.
  • Do not exchange your money into Lira in the UK. Always exchange your money when you get to North Cyprus at one of the many exchange offices to get the best exchange rates. Bear in mind that it is quite difficult to change Travellers Cheques, as most hotels and banks will not change them. 
  • Take plenty to do on the aeroplane, as typically there is no entertainment provided.


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