Wednesday, February 15, 2012

North Cyprus Desserts - Kadayıf

Kadayıf is a popular dessert in Turkey and North Cyprus, made from shredded dough, butter, milk and nuts. It tastes similar to a sweet shredded wheat, with a sugary syrup poured over the top. Kadayıf is the Turkish version of an Arabic dessert called Kanafeh. The picture above is a type of Kadayıf known as "Tel Kadayıf", which means "string pudding".
This is generally the most common type of Kadayıf served in North Cyprus. The word Kadayıf is generally used to describe the dessert "Tel Kadayıf" and also the string dough that it is made with. You can by the dough ready-made in most supermarkets, or you can make it yourself. Some kinds of "Tel Kadayıf" are made with soft cheese between the layers, others use butter.

Ekmek Kadayif
  There are various other types of dessert that can be made with the Kadayif dough such as "Ekmek Kadayıf" (bread pudding) and "Taş Kadayıf" (stone pancakes). "Ekmek Kadayıf" is normally served with "kaymak" which is a kind of Turkish clotted cream and is one of the oldest Turkish Cypriot desserts served in Cyprus. You can buy it ready to bake in most supermarkets, you just have to make the syrup and bake until the syrup has soaked into the base. 

Taş Kadayıf
 "Taş Kadayıf" are a kind of small pancake cooked on a smooth iron griddle. The name literally means "stone dessert". They can be filled with all kinds of nuts such as pistachio and hazelnuts. 

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